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    Keeping your dog mentally and physically active, socialised, fit and healthy!

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    (Est. 2016)







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    Please contact if you are unsure

    if where you live is covered



    All group walks will be in the same area as pick up, if possible (depending on numbers)


    (I only take up to 4 dogs)

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    Why your dog should have a daily walk or two


    Dogs like us require that extra physical and mental stimulation during the day.


    A good WALK helps burn off all that extra physical energy and keeps them physically fit!


    A good WALK helps with the mental energy a dog has, when out a walk the dog is using this all the time sniffing, watching, thinking, judging, learning new things and in general taking everything in.


    A good WALK is great to help build on the social foundation skills your dog has already learned. The dog builds up their confidence, learning new sights, environments & sounds, getting to know various breed type traits and of course us humans.


    A WALK out in the big wide world opens up a whole new world for a dog.


    No matter what the weather is we will be out there enjoying our walks! (except Thunder and Lightning as not a safe or good experience for a dog)


    After their WALK they will be ready for a wee siesta and will snooze away until they see you later on that day.





    • All dogs must be well socialised with other dogs and us humans.
    • Good basic commands would be great :) 
    • All dogs  will be kept on-lead 
    • Off lead by request,  must have a 100% recall


  • Services

    Offered at PAWSitive Dog Walks

    One Hour Group Walks

    Pick up and drop off

    121 walks

      Home Visits

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    To suit your requirements

    Please contact me to discuss.

    This could be a variety of the services provided

    or a unique package.



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    Ellie & I have qualified for Crufts 2018,

    in the Small Teams

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    Ellie & I made it to compete at Crufts 2018

    in the Small Teams, we had a brilliant time, what an experience. Our Team came 6th, which was good as it was all the dogs and handlers first time at Crufts. A huge competition to qualify for, so proud of the Team.

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    PAWSitive Dog Walks was named as one of the TOP THREE Dog Walking Businesses in South Lanarkshire in December 2019 by Three Best Rated

  • About PAWSitive Dog Walks

    Keeping your dog fit and having loads of fun!!!

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    I just love dogs, being around them just brightens my day. What better than to walk and look after dogs everyday.

    I decided to start up Dog Walking as I wanted to do something that I would enjoy daily. I have a lot of experience with dogs in a variety of environments, here are some examples:

    • Dog walking
    • Puppy training/socialising to adult
    • Dog agility training to Competition

    Dogs are part of the family and deserve to be looked after and given the best life.

    I am dog mum to Trixie the Shetland Sheepdog. I trained and competed in dog agility for 14 years, we recentley retired from the agility world. Angel Ellie (who went to Rainbow Bridge December 2022 age 14 years and 9 months) and I competed at Championship Level in Dog Agility in the UK.

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    To provide a Professional, Caring, Reliable and Friendly Service.

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    Additional Informaition

    Established  2016

    Experienced Dog Owner

    Police Disclosed

    Fully Insured

    Emergency Canine First Aid Certified

    Currently studying:

    Pet Psychology Diploma

    Canine Communication Diploma

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